Below are some quotes from past and current collaborators.

Joe C 1.jpeg

"Pat is fast and thorough. I've given him poorly recorded, rough audio that I thought was beyond salvaging. It came back sounding great. I call him Pistol Pat because every time I see him working voodoo at a soundboard I get so inspired I want to shoot myself in the head."

Joe Callander - Director of Midnight Three and Six, Life After Death, Tim and Susan Have Matching Handguns


"Pat is awesome! He's my go to sound designer and I've worked with him on every single one of my films."

Yoko Okumura - Director of Kimi Kabuki, and SIT

Ani Pandit.JPG

"Pat, you have been a joy to work with. You are a true professional and your craftsmanship made an indelible mark on my feature, "The Mad Ones". What's so great about working with you on a project is that you make everyone feel comfortable around you. You work well with directors, producers and - most importantly - actors. You know how to make them feel at ease during challenging ADR sessions and everyone feels they can trust your creative guidance.

You are also very, very good looking."

Ani Pandit - Director of The Mad Ones


"Pat is always my first choice when I need incredible sound design and mastering of any kind with an attention to detail. He goes above and beyond and always pluses the material with creative ideas that are on track with the project's voice, from TV animation and live-action to narrative podcasts and audio series. Did I mention the dude is professional, easy-going and FAST? Do yourself a favor and bring Pat on board to make your project sound better than you could imagine. I'm dealing in superlatives because I've honestly been spoiled by his talent and he's set a high bar for any competitors. Don't think, hire him today."

Justin Michael - Director of Friendship All-Stars of Friendship, Before You Were Funny, and Monster Island

"Pat is a fantastic collaborator with great creative instincts and a fun, relaxed attitude. He mixed 20 episodes while getting notes from all 7 members of my sketch group, and he never batted an eye. The final product was superb!"

Chris VanArtsdalen - Director of The Birthday Boys

"Pat farted in my car one time and it didn't smell, not even a little bit."

Jason Tippet - Director of Only the Young and My Gal, Rosemarie

"I have been privileged to collaborate with Pat in various capacities on numerous projects. He is a gifted designer, a knowledgable engineer, an all-around creative person, and a helluva nice guy. I admire his attention to detail, and above all, his sense of perspective. Pat approaches sound as a storyteller. His creative choices and advice elevate every project he works on."

Harry Chaskin - Director of Friendship All-Stars of Friendship and Bygone Behemoth

"I've collaborated with Pat on every film I've ever made that's worth a damn. I don't intend for anyone to take his place, either."

Sean Rourke Meehan - Director of A Pale Shadow, Sophie, and Los Angeles

"Pat is one of the most talented people I've worked with in any discipline. He elevates every project he's involved in. If it were up to me, he'd mix everything I ever made."

Jacob Reed - Director of Before You Were Funny

"Pat is an outstanding sound man and an even better guy. His love of the Kansas City Royals notwithstanding."

Ben Axelrad - Writer/Producer of Dennis (and Detroit Tigers fan)

Patrick is fast, efficient, and eager to get the job done right, down to the smallest of details. The post job on my film's sound was a breeze thanks to him. 10/10 would bang.

Adam Bowers - Director of  Party Animal

"Pat's not just the first person I call when I need someone to Lazarus my sound; he's the only person I call.  If I can't get him, I literally scrap the project.  Fuck those months or years of my life.  I believe you do TV right or you don't do it at all."

Josh Polon - Producer of Animals.

"Stop drinking so much damn coffee, Pat."

Bryan Cranston - Actor in SuperMansion